Masekete alleges homosexuality among some Gospel artists and churches

Kamba Artist Jackson Mutinda popularly known as Masekete has alleged how a section of Gospel artists are involved in homosexuality.

This comes days after comedian Eric Omondi claimed that the gospel industry is full of homosexuality and lesbianism, Masekete confirmed indeed that it is true.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Journalist Stephen Muema, Masekete said that there are Kamba gospel artists and even pastors who are in that immoral deed yet they were the first people to criticize Eric Omondi.

“I have seen many gospel artists criticizing Omondi but there is indeed a lot of immorality among the gospel ministers and artists. I  witnessed drinking of beer in the gospel industry, I have seen gayism and lesbianism in gospel industry where people are hiding a lot of heinous acts pretending to be Godly,” Masekete stated.

The Masekete hitmaker pointed out that God used Eric Omondi as a vessel to warn the gospel ministers so they should not condemn him even if he is not a gospel artist. He added that Eric Omondi exposed the evil deeds which the gospel artists did not want to hear about.

“There is a lot of evil in Kenya, especially among those who see themselves as gospel artists, I have a list of several men including pastors who wanted to sleep with me. I can’t meet with men at the hotels because some men are interested in men only,” he revealed.

He further claimed that he stopped attending pastor crusades after he observed that some of them are gays who want to sleep with him. He revealed that there was one pastor when he attended a crusade, the pastor insisted that they should go to sleep but Masekete refused.

“I asked him whether he has booked a room for me because it was like he wanted to go and sleep with me. On the last day of the crusade, he did not want to pay me after texting me with romantic words when I went to bed but I ignored him. That is the reason why I stopped going to those crusades because some of the pastors want to sleep with young men,” Masekete added.

Masekete further unveiled that homosexuality is a cult that the artists use to get money and fame adding that when you sleep with someone of the same sex they give you money. He urged the gospel artists to lead a holy life without practicing such things which are against God’s will.

“I’m not a gay, ‘siwezi ingia kwa taka taka’  I don’t take alcohol, I once took alcohol with prominent gospel artists. I never practiced gayism with anyone and I condemn the evil spirit of gayism or having sponsors, I don’t have a sponsor because the woman who wanted to support me wanted me to sleep with her yet she is the age of my mother,” Masekete added.

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