Fight between Masekete and Kimanzi Mutooni turns ugly

The brawl between gospel singer Jackson Mutinda alias Masekete and US-based businessman Fredrick Kimanzi Mutooni also known as Mutooni turned ugly.

Apparently, Mutooni was infuriated by the way Masekete admonished singer Roseline Katungwa after her sex tape leaked.

Mutooni wanted Masekete to apologize for his utterances about Katungwa or else tragedy will befall him.

“I will answer you and tell you one thing, you should go and apologize because if not you will pay,” Mutooni said.

Masekete vowed to never apologize and asked Mutooni to go ahead and make his threat real adding that Mutooni is known for vulgar language against people.

“You can never take me anywhere, I am not afraid of you, not afraid of the devil either come on and act on your threat, I am not Kasolo whom you insulted while he kept quiet,” said Masekete.

The ‘Vangithya kila kindu’ hitmaker observed that he did no wrong by calling out ‘fake’ gospel artists hiding in the church.

He added that many of the artists are involved in illicit sex yet still ministering at the altar and he will never get tired of admonishing them.

“We have always lacked people who can come out in the open and rebuke these people, tell them they are doing wrong and should change. This is the truth we need and whoever started the job in me will ensure it is finished,”Masekete noted.

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