Hautoshi Mboga! Kenny Bizzoh tells Masekete over Chairmanship

Days after the Masekete hitmaker Jackson Mutinda declared himself chairman of all Ukambani Gospel Singers, artist Kenny Bizzoh has dismissed him.

Kenny Bizzoh popularly known by his song Loving You (Wedding Day) said that though Masekete tried to bring together the Gospel artists from Ukambani, he does not fit the bill to be their chairman.

He noted that Masekete should respect the people that he found in the music industry who have experience and qualifications to lead the artists.

Kenny Bizzoh however praised Masekete for good organizing skills.

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“I think it’s time for us now to have a chairman but Masekete is an organizer, not a chairman. Yes he came up with a group but we left the group because of some people who want to make themselves chairman,” said Kenny Bizzoh.

“He has organized several gigs but that does not make him a chairman, there are other people that are before him and who have a lot of experience and need to be our leaders but not him,” he added.

Last week Jackson Mutinda alias Masekete said that he was the chairman of all Kamba Gospel musicians. Missed the story, check it out below;

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