Mutuse scoffs at Azimio for refusing to acknowledge Ruto’s presidency

Kibwezi West MP Mwengi Mutuse has trashed claims by Azimio coalition that William Ruto was not genuinely elected as president.

Mutuse said that it’s known that Ruto won the elections and the court confirmed the same after a petition was filed by Azimio to challenge Ruto’s win.

“Who in the world doesn’t know that Ruto is the President whether you recognize him or not that is the fact,” Mutuse said.

The lawmaker noted that the Kamba community must decide to work with the government to benefit.

Mutuse added that the Azimio rallies would not benefit the community and those leading the rallies are fooling the locals.

He urged leaders from the region to be vigilant so that the community didn’t stay in opposition again.

“We must be careful because we could plunge into political oblivion if we don’t do our calculations well. These leaders leading the demos go back to their estates while the local mwananchi is left with the problems they had, let’s be wise,” Mutuse added.

The legislator also expressed hopes that the Government will give his constituency two new districts.

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