Top 15 Kamba Benga Songs on Youtube

Benga music is a popular genre in Kenya and mostly in the Ukambani region.

Some of the renown Benga artists include Ken Wa Maria, Alex Kasau Katombi, Alphonce Kioko, Benard Mbatha alias Kativui, John Muasa, and Bosco Mulwa among others.

A spot check conducted by Mauvoo News on youtube identified these top songs.

Nthi ino Ndi tei by Maima

The song released by Alphonce Kioko a year ago is dominating the list of top Benga beats on YouTube. The song has so far garnered 6.4 million views.

Pewa Pewa by Katombi

The song was released two years ago and has so far garnered 5.2 million views on YouTube. Other popular songs by Katombi include Kindu, Nienjoy, among many others.

Kwi Kyathi by Katombi

Kwi Kyathi is a song widely played in functions in Ukambani and was released in 2023. So far the song has 4 million views.

Uka Imelder by Maima

Uka Imelder by Alphonce Kioko Maima follows at 3.4 Million. The song was released 5 years ago.

Miao ya Nzovi by Katombi

This song also done by Katombi was released 7 years ago and has 3.2 million views on YouTube. Kilumi also done by the same artist has 2.8 million views. The song was released eight years ago.

Vangithya Kila Kindu by Masekete

Released in 2023 by Jackson Mutinda Masekete, the song is now a household sensation and has 2.8 million views.

Mumbi wa Kituti by Ben Mbatha

The song by Kativui was released five years ago and has garnered 2.6 million views.
Other of his songs include Susu na Nau, Syuo Syakwa, and Liz among others.

Ngavisaa ninau Wamony by Sanita

Released by Sanita of Wote Boys band 7 years ago the song has so far acquired 2.5 million views.

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Team Mafisi by Katombi has 2.5 Million Views followed by Kindu at 2.3 Million views, Thina and Sunga at 2.1 Million Views, Niina Ata and Nienjoy follow at 2 million views.

Asanda Mutua Katuku

The song was a hit in 2023 and 8 months after release, it has garnered 2.2 Million views.

Wakatimba Pumbafu

The song is done by Ken Wa Maria and was released 16 years ago. So far the song has garnered 1.7 million views.

Kungulu Kwangala by Mutulani Kasheshe

The song by Michael Muoka was released 3 years ago and has 1.6 million views The song went viral on TikTok propelling the singer to fame.

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