Justus Myello drops Benga Gospel Banger

Three months after releasing ‘Asyai Masuviwe’ Kamba Gospel artist Justus Myello is back with another banger.

The song ‘Mavinda ma Mwiso’ – end times speaks of recent happening that are true reflections of end times.

In the song, the artist speaks about the case of Baby Sagini whose eyes were gorged out, and cases of Kenyan girls who are tortured in Arab countries.

The song has a Benga beat and a two-minute guitar climax. This is the third song Myello is doing with a Benga beat after ‘Musyai ni wa vata’ released three months ago and ‘Ikinya’ was released three years ago.

“We are living in the last days let’s read the Bible. The word says in the last days there will be scary things. The are some of the things I’m hearing that hurt my ears, Some I’m seeing make my eyes feel like exploding, “the song’s intro goes (translated)/

He proceeds to add, “In the Internet what is posted is scary that whenever I log in, I find things that break my heart, making me wonder,” adds Myello in another stanza.

The song elicited mixed reactions from his followers. The reason being the beat of the song resonates with Benga songs.

Fellow artist Stephen Kasolo said the song is good but the beat is of the world.

“Sasa Myello hapa umeimba nini. Wangapi wameuskiza huh Jimbo,” Kasolo posed on his Facebook Page.

Below are some of the reactions to the Mavinda ma Mwiso song;

Peter Kay official said, “This guy’s Composition is on another Level…This is Lit.”

Gospel artist Rachel Kay said,” Congratulations..hii nayo ni kweli kabisa..noma sana MYELO”

Elizabeth Mwende said, “Have listened more than 5 times and I can’t get enough of it, I just need to listen again and again, keep it up Myelo.”

Daniel Musyoni said, “Very state -of -art lyrics as per the current emerging issues in the aspect of life, in particular, nowadays people are heartless ad counts no mercy nor sympathy when engaging in various life otherwise,, big up for ur creativity endowed with by Most High.”

Benson Boniface added, “There is such a deep message in the song, I love the way he chooses to communicate to his people with what they would listen to best (the music genre).heko myello

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