Furious Justina Syokau tells off Eric Omondi after message to Gospel Artists

Gospel singer Justina Syokau says comedian Eric Omondi has no business discussing gospel artists.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, Syokau says Eric attacked gospel artists in a bid to chase clout.

Syokau said that Eric should be the last person to advise anyone since he is confused.

“Eric Omondi if you want to trend with views please, toa umama, toa mdomo kwa gospel artists. You yourself dress like a woman yet you are a man. What gives you the audacity to call out gospel ministers,” asked Syokau.

She noted that it was wrong for Eric to generalize gospel and secular musicians in his rant.

According to her, the comedian should be at the forefront in promoting local artists rather than foreign ones.

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“Eric there is a difference between secular and gospel artists. Don’t put someone who has been doing prostitution in Umoja together with anointed men and women of God, “Justina went on.

“I supported you when you called for 75 percent of Kenyan music to be played but now you are wrong, you are talking about Bahati who is a secular artist instead of giving him gigs instead of calling Ruger from the outside as you did,” she added.

The ‘Twendi Twendi Thilii’ hitmaker asked Eric to settle grudges with artists outside social media. She claimed that if he has witnessed any failure from the gospel artists he should talk to them rather than parading their doings on social media.

On Sunday Eric Omondi went ham on gospel artists saying nothing was exciting to write about the industry. He wondered why big names like Mercy Masika, Gloria Muliro, Daddy Owen, and others weren’t producing music consistently as before.

The award-winning comedian said others were involved in scandals while many who reigned the industry years ago are nowhere to be seen.

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