Kangundo police launch investigations over the death of 37-year-old lady

Sleuths in Kangundo have launched investigations over the death of a 37-year-old lady.

The lady was found dead at her house at Kwa Akamba market in Kangundo Town last night.

Confirming the incident, Kangundo Police Commander Michael Isinga said that a man who was staying with the lady was the one who reported to the police about her death.

Isinga said that the man came to the house and found the lady lying on the bed. When he touched her, she was not responsive. He then called neighbors who confirmed that she was dead.

“We got reports from a man that a woman was dead in the house at Kwa Akamba market and later we found out that he was staying with the lady. When he came home from work he found the woman lying on the bed but she was motionless and he called neighbors who confirmed her death,” Isinga said.

“The man confirmed that last week the lady had been cut by an iron sheet on the leg and she did not seek proper treatment. From our assessment, the wound was not fresh but we have taken some treatment documents to use as exhibit though there were no drugs,” he added.

The Body of the deceased was taken to Kangundo Level 4 mortuary for preservation awaiting postmortem. The man was put into custody as the first suspect.

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