Report: Over 2,800 Machakos County employees lack academic Qualifications

Over 2,500 employees in Machakos County Government do not have academic qualifications. This is according to a report presented to Governor Wavinya Ndeti by the task force on Human Resource Audit

The report which was presented by Gregory Somba revealed that 2,889 workers did not have academic certificates while 1,378 lacked job confirmation letters.

“It was established that the County Government as of November 2022 had a total of 6,321 staff imposters spread across the departments who were not optimally placed,” said Gregory Somba.

He went on to add that the biometric headcount done by the county government verified 6,150 workers while 186 workers were not verified since they did not show up for the exercise.

The report further added that there were illegal promotions in the County Government as well as employees who served in posts that were unrecognized in County government structures and people serving beyond their retirement days.

“We established there were 116 cases of irregular appointments, 197 cases of promotions without due process, 60 cases of employees who were serving in positions not recognized by the County Government structures, and also 79 cases of employees serving beyond their retirement days,” read the report.

Machakos County Governor Wavinya Ndeti said that she will not allow such rot to continue in Machakos warning that those who did not have their biometrics verified will be removed from the payroll.

“I gave a directive that every County employee comes for biometric verification and those that did not come I said let them be scrapped from the payroll, here in Machakos we shall not condone mediocrity,” said Wavinya.

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