Inside Makueni County’s 11.1 Billion 2024/2025 Budget

Last Week, Makueni County assembly approved the 11.1 Billion Ksh 2024/2025 Financial Year Budget. We take a look at the highlights of the budget.

Health Services takes the lion’s share of the budget at 37.1 percent. The department has an allocation of 4.1 Billion. 3.08 Billion goes to the recurrent budget comprising 2.45 Billion for salaries and 633 Million for operations and maintenance. 1.062 Billion will go to development.

The office of the Governor has a budget of 538 Million all going to recurrent;55 million for Salaries and 483 Million for operations and maintenance. The county Secretary has an allocation of 135 Million with 58 million going to salaries and 76.4 million to operations and maintenance.

The County Attorney had a budget of 58.1 Million. 48 Million is going to recurrent estimates and 9.3 Million development.

The Department of Devolution, Public Participation, and County Administration and Special Programs has a budget of 361 Million; 323 Million for recurrent, and 37.5 Million for development.

The Department of Finance and socio-economic planning has a budget of 571 Million comprising 542.8 Million for recurrent and 28.8 Million for development.

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Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Department has a budget of 525 Million. 264 million will go to recurrent and 261.8 Million to development.

ICT, Education, and Internship Department has a budget of 1.147 Billion. 826 million will go to recurrent while 321.8 Million will go to development.

Gender, Children, Youth, Sports, and Social Services department has been allocated 239.17 Million. 73.35 million will go to recurrent and 165.8 million to development.

The trade, Marketing, Industry, Culture, and tourism department has an allocation of 177.2 Million. 142.9 million will go to recurrent and 34.2 Million to development.

The Department of Transport and Infrastructure has an allocation of 979 million. 137 Million will go to recurrent and 841 Million to development.

Lands, Urban planning and development, environment, and climate change has a 422 Million budget—85.8 Million under recurrent and 336.2 Million under development.

Water and Sanitation Department has an allocation of 513.4 million. 117.3 Million going to recurrent and 396.1 million development.

Wote municipality has an allocation of 127 million, Emali Sultan 109.5 Million, and Makueni Fruit processing 96.7 Million. Sand Authority has a budget of 61.5 Million while the County Public Service Board has 78.1 Million.

The County Assembly has a budget of 902 Million. 870 million will go to recurrent expenditure consisting of 431 million in salaries and 439.5 million for operations and maintenance. The Assembly has a development budget of 32 million.

Out of the 11.1 billion budget, 3.7 billion will go to development which is 33 percent, and recurrent 7.4 Billion 66 percent. Salaries take a 42.8 percent share of the budget. Notably ward level allocations have been increased to 39 million from 33 million previously.

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