MP Terms Ongoing Protests Uncalled For, Calls For Talks

Mwala MP Vincent Musyoka alias Kawaya has told off Kenyans who are still doing protests across the country noting that the protests were uncalled for.

Kawaya noted that the first protest by Gen Z was to reject the finance bill and the president had done so, saying that the ongoing protests were uncalled for and it’s wise they be stopped to pave way for talks.

The legislator noted that even before the protests to reject the finance bill started, legislators had already sat down and discussed and removed the clauses in the bill that were not aligning well with the residents.

“At first it was about rejecting the finance bill and even before the protests started we had already removed the extreme clauses in the bill but we saw it wise the bill be withdrawn so that Kenyans can be heard,” said Kawaya.

“What we are now seeing is beyond rejecting finance bill because the finance bill was dropped and it is not being amended by the parliament unlike what people are saying. So my question is if the finance bill was withdrawn why now the protests that have turned to be hooliganism where people are destroying properties,” he added.

The vocal legislator still stood firm to say that the chaos were being fueled by politicians and it was not good for the country as the protests were crippling the economy.

He called on the business community to rise up to protect their businesses as well as protect the country from being destroyed by people who had no sense of belonging.

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