Rick Be speaks on Alicia Kanini performance at Kamba festival

YouTuber Rick Be has denied rumors suggesting that viral content creator Alicia Kanini will be performing at the highly anticipated Kamba Festival, scheduled for September.

Addressing the speculation, Rick Be emphasized that while Kanini is indeed a proud member of the Kamba community, the claims about her performance are unfounded. 

“Alicia Kanini is a Kamba, and as a fellow Kamba, I cannot prevent her from attending the festival if she wishes to. However, it’s important to clarify that she will be there simply to enjoy the festivities and mingle with other attendees,” Rick Be stated.

“I am a Kamba, and I cannot deny Alicia Kanini the right to attend the event. She is a fellow Kamba and a daughter of the land. What needs to be corrected is that Alicia will come to the event to have fun, but she will not be performing.” He added.

Rick Be addressed the misinformation circulating on social media, dismissing it as baseless. 

“The post going around social media claiming that Alicia Kanini will be performing is just hogwash,” he asserted.

The second round of the Kamba Festival is set to take place at the iconic Carnivore Grounds this September. The event promises to be a grand celebration of Kamba culture, drawing celebrities and notable personalities from various spheres of life.

In addition to Kanini’s anticipated presence, the festival is expected to feature performances from renowned Kamba artists, cultural exhibitions, and interactive sessions aimed at promoting the region’s traditions and modern interpretations.

 The festival’s organizers have also hinted at several surprise appearances, adding to the excitement surrounding the event.

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