Kawaya: Finance Bill Crucial for Kenyan Development

Mwala MP Vincent ‘Kawaya’ at a past event(source.courtesy)

Mwala MP Vincent ‘Kawaya’ Musau Champions Finance Bill as Key to Kenyan Development

Mwala Member of Parliament Vincent ‘Kawaya’ Musau says that the Finance Bill is essential for addressing Kenya’s developmental challenges. 

In an exclusive interview,Musau emphasized that while a few proposals in the bill might need adjustments, the overall package is beneficial for the nation.

According to him the bill seeks to address quality provions like healthcare ,social welfare,infrastructure development and education.

“Voting against the Finance Bill is not an option if lawmakers truly care about their constituents,” Musau asserted. “This bill is the backbone of everything that happens in our country. Critics need to pinpoint specific issues so that we can amend them accordingly.”

Musau highlighted that a parliamentary committee is ready work on refining the problematic sections. He personally pledged his support for the bill, citing its extensive benefits. 

“I will be voting ‘yes’ and it is crucial,rejecting the bill would mean denying over 10,000 newly registered elderly people their monthly Inua Jamii allowance,”said Kawaya.

He further outlined the bill’s role in financing the recently unveiled budget, which includes numerous projects aimed at improving the lives of Kenyans. 

“From allocating 50 million shillings for electricity in every constituency to providing free treatment for the elderly under the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) program, and ensuring Junior Secondary School teachers get paid, this bill covers it all,” Musau added.

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