Inside Machakos County’s 14.39 Billion 2024/2025 Budget

Machakos County Assembly approved the 2024/2025 Financial year estimates on 26th June 2024. We look at the highlights of the budget that will be implemented in the next 12 months.

The county has a total budget of 14.392 B. The resource envelope consists of a 9.91B equitable share from the National Government, an ambitious 2.7 Billion in own source revenue, 1 billion in conditional grants, and 687 million in Hospital revenue.

Out of the 14.392 Billion, 4.325 Billion is set to go to development representing 30 percent. Compensation to employees has been allocated 6.358 Billion translating to 44 percent which exceeds the 35 percent threshold by PFMA (2015).

Office of the Governor has an allocation of 857 million, 797.3 million will go to recurrent expenditure and 59.8 million to development. County Public Service Board has a 59.81 Million budget; 21.7 million for development and 38 million for recurrent.

The Health Department carries the lion’s share of the Budget at 4.8 Billion. From that4.2 Billion will go to recurrent expenditure and 572.7 million in development vote.

Department of Roads, Transport and Public Works has a 1.274 Billion budget; 1.029 under development, and 244.4 million in recurrent expenses.

The county Assembly has a 1.288 Billion budget; 174.4 million for development and 1.114 Billion for recurrent.

The agriculture, food security, and cooperative development department has a 798.2 million budget, 521.6 million under development, and 276.6 million for recurrent expenditure.

The water, irrigation, environment, and Climate change department has an allocation of 751.8 million comprising 146.2 million in recurrent expenditure and 605.6 in development.

The finance, Economic planning, and revenue management department has a 1.24 Billion allocation comprising 994.8 million in recurrent and 246 million in development.

Gender, youth, sports, and social welfare docket has a 544.7 million allocation; 400.1 million for development, and 144.57 million in recurrent expenditure.

Trade, Industry, Tourism, and Innovation department has an allocation of 287.5 million; 130.5 million in development, and 157 million in recurrent.

Education department has a 671.2 million budget. 110.4 million for development and 560.8 million in recurrent expenditure.

Lands, Urban Development, Housing & Energy docket has a 580 million budget; 253 million for recurrent expenditure, and 326.9 million for development.

The devolution department has a 1.128 Billion budget;117.9 for development and 1.010 Billion as recurrent expenditure. The office of the county attorney has an allocation of 93.36 million.

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