Inside Kitui county’s 12.49 billion 2021/2022 Financial Year Budget


Kitui county has an approved budget of 12.49 billion in the 2021/2022 Financial year. 4.2 billion (33 percent) is set to go to development and 8.3 billion recurrent expenditure (67 percent). Own source revenue was set at 850 million with the Assembly appropriation committee noting that some of the recommended measures to increase the revenue had not been implemented by the executive.

The health department got the lion’s share of the budget at 3.659 billion, general administration and wages will account for 215 million. Maternal and child health is allocated 196 million and curative services 3.22 billion.

The office of the governor was allocated 1.7 billion, 667 million will go to recurrent expenses notably 383 million for general administration and support services. 1.129 billion will go to development.

The department of Public service management and administration will get 542 million- 530 million in recurrent expenses and 12 million for development – county government administration and field services.

The agriculture, water, and irrigation department was allocated 1,385 billion, 485 million for recurrent expenditure, and 898 million for development. 362 million will go to crop development and management, 41 million agribusinesses and information management, 105 million for agricultural extension, and 563 million for water resources management.

Basic education, ICT, and youth got a budget of 756 million, 550 million for recurrent, and 206 million for development. 144 million will go to wage bill and general expenses, 422 million for ECDE and primary education, and 175 million for youth training.

Infrastructure, Housing, and Public works department will get 953 million in the 2021/2022 Financial year, 124 million will go to wages and general expenses, 33 million to housing development and human settlement, 38 million to government buildings, and 756 million to roads.

Trade, cooperatives, and investments department was allocated 426 million. Wages and general expenses account for 97 million, trade development and promotion 274 million, and cooperative development 54 million.

The environment, tourism, and natural resources department got an allocation of 266 million. 47 million will go to salaries and general administration,40 million to environment protection, and 36 million to tourism development. 19 million will go to power transmission and 90 million alternative energies.

Gender, sports, and culture department will get an allocation of 37 million, 94 million for sports, 37 million for culture, and 19 million for gender.

The county treasury was allocated 767 million, salaries and general administration 397 million, economic policy and planning 103 million, public finance management 242 million.

The county public service board has a budget of 37 million, county assembly service board 1 billion. 384 million will go to general expenses and 622 million legislation, representation and oversight.

Livestock, apiculture, and fisheries got 130 million budget, 63 million for salaries and general expenses, 2.6 million for fisheries and 64 million for livestock resources management.

Lands, physical planning got a 151 million budget, 53 million for salaries and general expenses, 98 million for land policy and planning. Kitui municipality has an allocation of 305 million, Mwingi town 113 million.

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