You’re a puppet! Kiala takes swipe at DG Francis Mwangangi

Former Machakos Deputy Governor Benard Kiala says the current DG Francis Mwangangi is being held hostage by his boss Wavinya Ndeti.

According to Kiala, Mwangangi has been reading scripts given to him and most of his roles have been taken away.

He said that the people were aware that the Deputy Governor was not happy in his position but had been hiding it by acting okay and following the governor everywhere even when he did not want to.

“He says he is a deputy governor but we know he does not have an office and even some of his cars have been taken away and some of his workers transferred to different departments. We are aware that he has been given a script which he reads wherever he goes like he will say this hospital has drugs even when there isn’t any,” said Kiala.

“That is why he cannot speak of the ills happening he will be okay even when leaders are being stripped in broad daylight. I would like to ask him to take courage and be a man because we can sniff the lies you’re telling from afar,” he added.

Last week, Mwangangi said that he was ensuring that there are no fights between him and his boss so that the locals don’t miss out on development.

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