You are treading on a dangerous zone, Muthama warns Kibwana

Former Machakos Senator Johnston Muthama has come out to defend Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka from Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana. Muthama on Sunday said that Kibwana is treading on a dangerous zone by criticizing Kalonzo.

According to Muthama, it is Kalonzo who saved his political career in 2017 by offering him a party that saw him defend his gubernatorial seat.

“It’s Kalonzo who saved Kibwana’s bid and thanks to him he is now in his second term,how dare he stand up and criticize Kalonzo?” Muthama Questioned.

He said that if Kalonzo had listened to him when he warned him about the three governors maybe he wouldn’t be facing the current rebellion in the community. Muthama had warned Kalonzo about the Governers before the 2013 and 2017 general elections.

“I said Mutua is unfit for governorship and that Kibwana together with Ngilu should dissolve their parties then fully join wiper but he didn’t listen to me,” He recounted.

Muthama also went ahead to criticize the trio’s presidential ambitions citing that no Kamba can match Kalonzo. He dared Kivutha to call a meeting in Tononoka and Mutua in Masai land and see if people will attend

“Selling your popularity in Ukambani is like looking for a wife in the same compound as your brother, it will only brew trouble, so the three governors should know they’re fighting a losing battle by trying to outdo Kalonzo,”said Muthama.

He added that Kalonzo has never been closer to the presidency as he is now.” There’s no time in history has Kalonzo been near presidency like now, even the three governors combined can’t match him,” he said.

Muthama had attended a fund drive at AIC Katwanyaa flanked by former Machakos deputy governor Benard Kiala among other leaders.

Kibwana has recently called for Kalonzo to account for what he has done for his people for the two decades he has been in politics.

Muthama also revealed that plans are underway to call for a meeting of all Kamba opinion leaders and leaders from across the entire country at Komarock. He challenged Ngilu and Kibwana to account for what they did when they were ministers in past governments.

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