Kibwana to Kalonzo: You have failed to deliver the presidency, support another candidate

The rift between Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka and Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana seems to be widening. This is after Governor Kibwana called for Kalonzo to resign from active politics.

Speaking on Thursday in Kawala village where he was commissioning a borehole, Kibwana said that Kalonzo has been in politics since time immemorial. All this time, Kibwana says the Kamba community has had his back up until now but it was time he went home.

He added that it was time Kalonzo supported another candidate from the region to contest for presidency in 2022 since he has been unable to deliver the seat to the community.

“We have been supporting Kalonzo for long and every time he contests for presidency or supports any coalition he fails. He should now support us from the region who are interested in the seat we clinch it or lose.” Kibwana said.

Kibwana also said that Kalonzo has held several senior positions and no single time has the kamba community let him down. He vowed that a delegation will be sent to give the sentiments officially to Kalonzo.

“We will send a delegation comprising of elders, women and youth to go and tell Kalonzo that the time for us to contest has come and he should throw weight behind us. We have stood with him since 1993 up to now.”

He went ahead to say that Makueni region will not be supporting leaders blindly citing that they have always been assumed. The second-term Governor asked Kalonzo to keep off Makueni politics and stop sending people to fight him

“I was chosen by the people and if I can’t deliver I will come back to them and tell them that I can’t discharge my duties expected and ask them to elect someone who can and Kalonzo should be told to keep off Makueni affairs.”

“I don’t speak about him I have been silent but there comes a time when one is pushed to the wall. Makueni has been behind Kalonzo even when he is rejected in his home place,” he added.

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