Did Kibwana shoot himself on the foot by attacking Kalonzo

On 10th February 2017, Wiper Party signed a pre-election pact with the Muungano party at a ceremony held in Kambu. One of the obligations in the pact was that Kibwana was to help Kalonzo get the NASA presidential ticket. This however did not materialize. Under the deal, Kibwana would defend his seat with Wiper party. He succeeded in that.

According to Political Pundits Wiper saved Kibwana from losing his seat in the 2017 General elections. On the 8th of August he was able to recapture back his seat but a year later things started changing.

In early 2018, Kibwana teamed with the other Ukambani Governors Alfred Mutua and Charity Ngilu and their union seemed to irk Wiper leaders. Last week Kibwana dropped the bombshell calling for Kalonzo to retire from politics.

He also called for Kalonzo to support him for presidency in 2022 since he had failed to deliver the presidency after many years. “We have supported you for long and every time you vie you fail. It is time you support one of us this time we either clinch or fail.” Kibwana said.

All this time, When Kibwana attacked Kalonzo, Kalonzo never responded. However, on Monday Kalonzo stated that there is no relationship with Muungano party since their agreement became null and void in 2018.

The Wiper Party leader said that Muungano should now be considered the opposition party in Makueni County since its the minority.

The support of MCAs is important for a sitting Governor. Among their roles, the ward representatives approve budgets and have the power to impeach Governors.

Due to this Kibwana should know that having the least MCAs in the assembly means some bills will face challenges before being passed. This scenario was witnessed in the First Assembly of Makueni and development in the County stalled for the better part of the first term.

It is this support that Kibwana needs to smoothly finish his last term which is very vital for the legacy of the Governor. Without support from most of the MCAs this will be hard for him going forward.

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