Stop treating Kalonzo like a dog without an owner – Muthama tells Uhuru and Raila

UDA Chairperson and Machakos Gubernatorial candidate Johnson Muthama has asked President Uhuru and Raila Odinga to stop treating Kalonzo like a dog with an owner.

Speaking at ABC Kangondi in Vyulya, Machakos County during a Special prayer Service and formal unveiling of his running mate Prof. Faith Muli, Muthama promised to go to Azimio and get Kalonzo assuring him of a safe haven in UDA.

“Even when Joseph was sold by his siblings, he did not forget about his people. Stop treating Kalonzo like a dog without an owner. Are we together? Kalonzo is our son and a string at home cannot fail to get something to tie.” Muthama said.

According to Muthama, there is need for the Kamba Community to be respected, no matter their political ranks saying that Kalonzo is still his brother and there is no way Raila will misuse him.

“Raila and Uhuru, Where you strangled Kalonzo in Egypt we already left there. Beware that there is no time I cannot pass through the window and get him from where they are eating the meat and turn tables and pick Kalonzo on my shoulders and say ‘let’s go’. No matter how much brothers disagree, one cannot fail to rescue the other if they find them being attacked by a hyena.” He added.

Moreover, the UDA Chairperson said that at Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza camp,there are better positions, that Kalonzo can fit in. He praised the Kenya Kwanza camp as God-fearing.

Last month, Muthama also called on Azimio to respect Kalonzo accusing them of using people like Ngilu to undermine him. Missed the story? check it out below;

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