Wiper MPs threaten to part ways with ODM

A section of Wiper party MPs have shown dissatisfaction with the ODM party over National Assembly committee placements. The legislators threatened to quit the Azimio One Kenya Coalition.

The legislators blamed the ODM party for being selfish in choosing the committee members pointing fingers at Junet Mohammed the Minority chief whip for going against the agreement of Azimio MPs and their party leaders. A section of Wiper MPs revealed that the list they gave during the Azimio la Umoja Parliamentary Group was rejected without being given a genuine reason.

“We don’t agree with the list of committee membership that has come. The ODM MPs went and changed some names. It is evident that the people from ODM have started despising other parties in Azimio. We want Junet and his team who were doing this to go and change the list immediately and do as we agreed,” Gideon Mulyungi Mwingi Central MP Speaking to the media said.

The MPs further demanded that the list should be amended and brought back to National Assembly as the correct list that they agreed on together.

 “What the ODM party did to Wiper is not good because they have shown that the names we gave are useless to them.  They brought a new list excluding Wiper MPs from the list of committees we had agreed,” Robert Basil, Yatta Mp added.

The legislators are expected to meet Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka to deliberate on the way forward after the ODM party started sidelining them.

 The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya meeting to deliberate on the select committee placements was held in September 2022 at Stone Athi, Machakos county. ODM leader Raila Odinga and Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka in the meeting gave out slots for each party.

“Our party leader Kalonzo Musyoka should talk to the ODM leader to tell the Azimio parliamentary leadership to revise the lists. Someone like me I’m an expert on matters of development so I should be given a chance to serve in committees concerning development matters,” MP Basil added.

Mulyungi added that his name appears on three house committees – different from those they had agreed on so the list should be trashed failure to which the Wiper party might decide to part ways with the ODM party.

“We have not been given the committees that we wanted and it is wrong. When ODM continues with such things as we start National Assembly sittings we will part ways this early,” Mulyungi threatened.

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