Wiper MP: Why we Advised Kalonzo to Opt for Senate Speaker

Wiper elected leaders have defended their move to advise Kalonzo Musyoka to vie for the position of the Senate Speaker instead of the National Assembly speaker.

Kilome MP Engineer Thuddeus Nzambia pointed out that they held a meeting with Kalonzo and told him that at the senate he stood a high chance of being the speaker compared to the National Assembly.

Nzambia said that Kalonzo also has other friends from the Kenya Kwanza team who can support his Speaker bid and vote for him.

“We sat with our Kingpin Kalonzo and advised him to go for the position of Speaker of the senate and they will be voting for him after the Senators have been sworn in for the parliamentary sittings to start. We as the Wiper party are confident that he will be elected with a majority of the votes from the house because he is known to be a humble leader who can lead the house in the right direction without taking any side. In politics, there is winning and losing, and just the way he scooped majority seats in Ukambani and as a respected leader in the country, the members of the Senate will vote for him,” MP Nzambia stated.

Concerning the next step after the Azimio One Kenya coalition party lost to the Kenya Kwanza coalition, Nzambia urged the Kamba community to remain calm as they deliberate on the best way forward for the community. He called on all the Wiper elected leaders to be patient as they decide on the way forward and not to be divided and misled by other parties.

“I would like to ask my fellow Wiper elected members to remain united as we have shown from the past because we have no hurry to go anywhere without any direction. According to the plans we have, we will continue serving our people with the leadership of Kalonzo Musyoka. If there is any side we will go to in the government we will go all of us and not particular people, we will unite together with one voice and one direction from our Wiper Party and we are not worried,” he added.

He revealed that they won’t blackmail or sell the Kamba community as some people have done by receiving tokens to support a certain coalition.

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