Wilberforce Musyoka speaks on viral arrest clip

Celebrated Kamba Gospel Singer Wilberforce Musyoka has come out to speak on a viral clip of him being arrested by cops.

Taking to Tiktok, Wilberforce said that he was okay and the video that was trending on social media was just a shoot he had done for his new song dubbed “Methoi Ma Mwiso“.

“I was not arrested it is a clip from a script that we did for this new song Methoi ma mwiso, I will put a link so that you can watch, we are safe,” said Wilberforce.

He went ahead to say that the clip came as a way of just bringing out the message through a song and adding creativity to it for enhancement.

“Now that we are safe and by the grace of God we are good, it’s just ministry and art because creativity is the nature of our God. We are safe and we know the kingdom we serve,” said the Gospel singer.

Wilberforce Musyoka released a song recently dubbed Methoi Ma Mwiso where in the video he is arrested, jailed, and even beaten up. This stirred mixed feelings from people on what may have transpired.

Below are some of the reactions on the response to the video;

Kadolly said, “Wilberforce Musyoka all through….. we Kamba loves you so much…. u r such a blessing to many may God bless you always.”

Dorcas Nzambi said, “You are a remnant in God’s ministry,, be blessed.”

Christine kahindi7 said, “so some people thought you were arrested???…..oooooh sorry….for me, I understood the message very well…God bless you.”

Easy Essy said, “Phew! thank you for ensuring us you are safe coz weee! this one had hit me differently…thank you for the work u are doing to spread the gospel, more grace man of God!!,”

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