Methoi Ma Mwiso among top trending songs days after release

More than 2 Weeks after its release, Wilberforce Musyoka’s latest song Methoi ma Mwiso is among the top trending on Youtube.

At the time of publishing the Methoi ma Mwiso song had garnered over 465,000 views and was at number 10 trending in Kenya.

Moko makwa matwikite ngombo ya ngolu, akiakisya makwa membia vai ngumbau ite ilanga,neisiiya muno ndikesa kuiya, niiya maume ndikaie ingi.Methoi aa methwe ma mwiso, niiya maume ndikaie ingi” Part of the song goes.

methwe ma mwiiiiso, methwe ma mwiiiso.” The chorus goes (Let these tears be the last ones)

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Here are some reactions to the song;

Mary Tindo said, “Am not Kamba, I don’t understand Kamba language but when this man drops a video I mist watch, he sings from spirit not flesh. Mungu akuinue ndugu.”

Rachel Bretta said, “This is the song i sang at the Heaven’s Gate Prayer Mountain and told God these tears ziwe za mwisho and to never cry painful tears but tears of Joy.. I know this year am coming out with a great Testimony.. More blessings Man of God.”

David Angela said, “I’m listening to this song, feeling heartbroken and feeling like my dreams are shattered at the moment, I hope that the lord will heal our wounds and give us hope for a better future to those who feel there is no hope at all.”

Alice Kithuka said, “Methoi ala nguiya methe ma mwiso…..everytime I listen to his songs I feel good…… God please hear my prayers out.”

Muthoni g said, “Was wondering why I was crying the whole day today until I came across this song. The Last tears I am crying, next is tears of Double Blessings.”

Ishmah said, “I do listen to your songs and I got healed especially when am low or sick for several years, and has been working, I thank God to have you. congratulations …keep it burning.’

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