Why I stopped participating in Awards – Wilberforce Musyoka

Gospel artist Wilberforce Musyoka has spoken about why he stopped taking part in Awards.

Speaking during an Online TV show Inuka, Wilberforce said during his last 10 years in ministry he has learnt not to compete with anyone because everyone has a different level of grace.

“At some point, I quit Awards, I don’t like them, I don’t engage in them and I don’t want those things. They will make me at some point feel like I am defeating someone and I don’t want to feel like I’m beating someone in the ministry.” Wilberforce said.

The singer noted that he wants to have the original idea of spirit in his mind clarifying that he didn’t say Awards are not good but his ministry wanted a different direction.

“I want to have the original idea of ministry, in my spirit. To others it is okay and I’m not saying it is bad, it encourages others but for me, I don’t want that direction, I don’t want to feel at any point I have defeated someone… I’m not saying awards are not good.” He added.

“It is ministry, it is personal. When I was called, you were not there. There are some things I might have heard during my call and may not be okay with everyone but they align with my call.” Wilberforce reiterated.

He noted that it would be better for Awards to facilitate ministry for the artist may be through sponsoring their albums or recording.

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