Wilberforce Musyoka drops Kamba-Luo hit in first Collabo

Popular Kamba Gospel Singer Wilberforce Musyoka is back again with a new hit dubbed “Musamo” on which he has collaborated with Fred Omondi.

Wilberforce is not known for collabos and in this one, he has added the touch of Luo in the song in the part Fred Omondi sings.

In the song, he says that the World needs taste for it to flourish and that the only thing that can add taste to it is God.

Nthi nota liu ute munyu, isamite liu ute munyu, nthi ino yienda musamo, nthi ino yienda musamo, musamo yienda musamo, yesu nienda musamo, wiani wakwa nienda musamo,”goes a part of the song.

4 days after its release the song has over 65,000 views and is among the top trending on youtube.

Below are some of the reactions to the song.

Peter Gitonga said, “Who else admired how Fred Omondi sunk to the key?…best duo. Such a Holy Ghost Flow and composure. God bless you servants of God. And to everyone listening to this powerful song, may his life make meaning to you. May you taste beauty,”

Lewi lewi said, “This man remains to be a legend..mlisema hit after hit. Good song..keep the fire burning always may God grant you many years,”

Ann Mutinda said, “Nani ameskiza hii song more than 10 times? Yesu nienda musamo thayuni wakwa,”

Newton Musyoka said, “Taking this gospel to another level… Winini wakwa mwiai nenge musamo, nthi ino yenda musamo,”

Edwin Mulochi said, “Count me among those who are blessed by your songs even when l don’t understand the language. Glory be to the Lord and may He continue using you to bless us with such deeply spiritual music.”

Peris Kalondu said, “Musamo is My Theme In This Yr 2023 …Lord Helps Me to Be The Salt Of The Earth …And May My Brothers and Sisters Never Lack The Taste Of Your Everlasting Salt…The song is an inspiration to us all never to lose taste.”

Suzan Mutinda added, “Every song has a message…how I love your songs since childhood. Bless your ministry to the high heights..wide to every nation… Right now I’m longing for God in my situation-I want God’s taste.”

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