Wilberforce Musyoka reveals how he met his wife Lilian

Celebrated Kamba gospel artist Wilberforce Musyoka has disclosed how he met his wife Lilian.

Wilberforce revealed that when they met he was working as a graphics designer. His to-be wife came as a client looking for graphic design services. The gospel artist pointed out that she wanted a calendar printed with her picture and he insisted that he needs more of his pictures and also her phone number.

“She wanted a calendar, I told her that I’m the best graphics designer posing and that we need more of her photos and her phone number to include in the calendar details. I was designing a calendar for her for the new year and that’s how I benefitted from that business,” Wilberforce stated.

He pointed out that at that time designing such calendars was the trend and a lot of clients wanted calendars custom-made for them.

“Those times many people preferred such calendars and since I was in the line of duty when love came knocking, I made a good calender for her which expanded boundaries of the beginning of our relationship,” the celebrated gospel artist added.

Since he had made up his mind to marry, Wilberforce revealed that he started to regularly talk with Lilian. Although he had started singing, she didn’t know whether Wilberforce was a gospel artist.

“She did not know whether I was singing so she knew me as a graphics designer. She couldn’t listen to Kamba music so she did not know me. When I realized that she did not want Kamba, my first message when I was courting her was in Kamba then we continued to talk although she used to respond in Kiswahili and English,” Wilberforce revealed.

Wilberforce further added that they continued to grow in love then he later revealed that he was a gospel artist and coincidentally, Lilian was also a gospel artist.

They later married in 2014 at a colorful wedding held at Pan Africa Christian University. Wilberforce at a past event described Lilian as the “powerhouse” behind his music ministry thanking her for the overwhelming support.

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