Wilberforce Musyoka’s latest song takes the internet by storm

Kamba Gospel Artist Wilberforce Musyoka’s latest song “Ambililya Kwakwa” has taken the internet by storm. 2 weeks after release, the song is still among the top ten trending songs on YouTube with over 183,000 views.

The Ambililya Kwakwa translated to start with me is more of a prayer the singer asking God to visit him first in everything he does.

In the song Wilberforce talks about Lazarus who was dead for 4 days until his body started decaying and producing a bad odor, noting that He does not want his things to smell hence God should start with him.

“The times we are living in are like those of Bethsaida, The water is troubled, The decision is yours, Do you want to heal or stay in your problem. The secret of this place is stepping first into the pool. Start with me, Jesus.” The song begins – translated to English.

Ambililya Kwakwa Yesu, Ambililya Kwakwa, Maunduni makwa Yesu nienda kwona kwoko kwaku,Ambililya Kwakwa. Uthuka kwa Lazaro ainyunga, Yesu wai kungi uyika kyama ,ndikwenda maundu makwa manyunge, Yesu ambililya kwakwa, ndaketha ve wathi itu yikwenda wine uvose thayu,ambililya kwakwa,” part of the song goes.

Many people have embraced and related to the song on social platforms. Here are some of their reactions;

Ernest M said, “These times we are in are the like days of Bethsaida when waters were stirred, the secret of this place is to be the first to enter…Revival has come, Ina Musyoka mathayu Mavinduke we are the witnesses.”

Moses Mwai said, “This is my prayer every day. This song speaks volumes to my soul. I’ll leave this comment here for future reference for I know God will bless my life.”

Sarah Ngao said, “Your songs are always filled with the Holy Spirit ..awaaah may the Lord increase your ministries, you always bless many souls,”

Peninah Mbinya said, “It was just this Monday when I was driving and playing this song in my car. I got a terrible accident and God snatched me and my babies from the snares of death. God literally gave us another chance to live. He started good works in me. Ambililya Kwakwa Yeova,”

Nimroid Mutuku said, “It’s by grace to be alive and have a chance to hear such a message through music. In my every field of work may God be ahead of me, May God always uplift you through worship Wilberforce.”

Ezekiel Kioko said, “The anointing this man carries can handle nations, This is what we should all desire, More grace man of God.”

“Wow…such a very great song with great revelation…this song has become my morning prayer every day. May the Almighty grant you more grace to keep on ministering to his people…You are a blessing to many Man of God.” Mercy Minoo added.

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