Wife to Murdered Indian businessman Jayesh Kumar confesses to mastermind his murder

Velji Jayaben Jayeshikumar the wife of slain Indian businessman Jayesh Kumar Kanji, whose body was found doused in acid in Machakos County, has confessed to masterminding her husband’s disappearance and ultimate death by hiring goons and recruiting Vecaria her husband’s friend in orchestrating her plan.

In a statement to the police following her arrest on Wednesday, Velji revealed she intended to torture and scare her husband, not kill him.

“I just wanted him disciplined, not killed,” She said.

Stating her motive to seek disciplinary action against her husband resulted from ongoing domestic violence within their household which detectives are yet to confirm.

Police reports note that Kanji was last seen with his wife and child in a CCTV footage on the morning of 14th January before meeting a friend later, Mr. Vecaria.

Vekaria lured Kanji to Kilili in Lukenya, Machakos county, under the pretense of purchasing land. The report also found that the two traveled toward Mombasa Road in a vehicle that is currently in police custody, arriving at the crime site at about 11 a.m.

Vekaria’s purported they were ambushed by hitmen who struck Kanji in the back of the head with a blunt object. Who later doused the body with the acid in an attempt to conceal evidence.

Velji will remain in custody for 14 days as police continue with their investigation into his

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