Senators requested to shoot down housing levy

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has called upon Senators to shoot down the Housing Levy proposal in the Housing Bill when it comes to the upper house.

Wavinya expressed her dissatisfaction with legislators who allowed the bill to pass despite knowing how overburdening it would be to Kenyans.

Wavinya spoke in Katangi, Yatta sub-county during the burial of her deputy Francis Mwangangi’s mother-in-law and ODM chair Machakos branch chair Peter Mutulu’s wife Sarah Muli.

Wavinya observed that the bill was punitive and should not be allowed to see the light of the day stating that all the eyes are on the senators.

The governor also supported the COG plea to the Senate finance committee on the need for an increase in funding from 391 billion shillings to 450 billion.

She said that the senators should stand firm and defend devolution adding that any senator voting in a way to scuttle devolution should be voted out in the next election.

“You are there as a senator to protect devolution, and if you’ve gone to vote against it even your people should send you packing next time because you do not have the interest of the people in your heart,” she said.

She urged other governors to lobby their senators to vote in their favor.

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