Kitui Residents Embrace New Water Pricing System Proposed by KITWASCO

KITWASCO responsible for supplying water from Masinga Dam to Kiui County, has received overwhelming support from residents following a recent public participation. The proposed changes in water pricing pegged to the number of units consumed, have been met with approval during discussions with the community.

Under the new system, residents will pay Sh190 per unit of water consumed. This initiative, according to Peter Kitonga, CECM Water, is in alignment with the constitutional principles advocating for public participation in decisions affecting the people.

“In making any decision that involves the people, our constitution calls for public participation. We have had a good time with our people while explaining the importance of reviewing water prices, and they have given their opinions and agreed with the government, considering factors such as the cost of electricity, water treatment, and salaries,” explained CECM Kitonga.

The shift to a unit-based pricing model is expected to address challenges in the equitable distribution of water across Kitui County. By involving residents in the decision-making process, the government aims to create a system that is fair, transparent, and economically sustainable.

The decision comes after a series of consultations between KITWASCO officials and community members. The dialogue sessions provided an opportunity for residents to express their concerns, understand the rationale behind the pricing adjustments, and actively participate in shaping the water distribution policies.

CECM Kitonga emphasized the significance of public input in shaping policies that directly impact their lives. “Our goal is to ensure that the water distribution system is not only efficient but also affordable for every resident. By involving the community in this decision-making process, we are fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility towards our shared resources,” he stated.

The revised pricing structure takes into account various cost factors, including electricity, water treatment, and employee salaries, to ensure a sustainable and reliable water supply in Kitui County.

As the new pricing system receives widespread support from residents, KITWASCO and the local government are optimistic about the positive impact it will have on water availability and accessibility in the region. This collaborative approach sets a precedent for inclusive decision-making processes in the management of essential resources, reflecting a commitment to transparency and community engagement.

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