Machakos residents support Affordable Housing program and housing levy

A section of residents of Machakos County have enthusiastically embraced the Affordable Housing Project, hailing it as a ground-breaking program that enables low-income people to become homeowners.

The initiative was supported in a Public Participation Session on the Housing Levy Bill. Buuri Member of Parliament, Rindikiri Mugambi, and vice chair of the Housing Committee chaired the meeting.

Jua Kali artisan Joseph Kasingo, who is from Mavoko, stated that he fully supports the project. His main reason was that it gave hardworking people a chance to break free from the cycle of renting and eventually purchase affordable homes.

Kasingo pointed out, “With savings, hustlers can now buy houses and live with their families comfortably.” Additionally, he emphasized the enhancement of Jua Kali artists’ livelihoods through employment.

Titus Kibicho, a resident as well, supported the idea, claiming it would promote national economic growth. Hardware store owner Kibicho predicted that the program will increase demand for building supplies. Consequently, that will open doors for him and other Kenyans in the construction sector. “Since it will generate jobs, I am in support of the plan. Numerous industries will see a spike in revenue, including welding, cement manufacturing, and roofing, among others, he predicted.”

Josephine Ouko, Machakos County Commissioner, urged locals to support the initiative. He argued that homes at current market prices are expensive and unaffordable for many regular Kenyans. “As a civil servant, I wholeheartedly endorse the concept because the houses are inexpensive in relation to the going rate. The National Housing Finance ran a similar scheme in Jericho where I grew up, and the homes there were nice,” Ouko added.

Machakos Town MP Caleb Mule has vowed to back the initiative. In his speech, he stated that Kenyans, particularly those residing in slums, will have the chance to live in respectable homes with hygienic conditions. Mule stated that the government has to guarantee that its citizens reside in respectable homes. Residents will have their opinions included in the Bill, MP Mugambi promised.

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