Machakos MP Caleb Mule shouted down for supporting 2023 Finance Bill

Machakos Township MP Caleb Mule had a rough time during the 60th Madaraka Day Celebrations at Katheka Kai.

The MP was explaining how people will benefit from the housing fund in the 2023 finance bill. Drumming support for the housing scheme.

“Those who are on payroll are the only people who will be deducted the 3 percent housing levy. If you’re a teacher you will be deducted around Ksh.700 or 800 per month and the government will top up the same amount to you,” the Machakos Township MP explained.

The residents who were uneasy with him seemed to defy what they were being told but he added that the money will be saved and can be withdrawn later.

“You must pay taxes, the money that will be saved in the housing fund which will create job opportunities for our young people who move to towns in search of jobs. Instead of paying rent for ten or 15 years to the Landlord, you will get an opportunity to own your own house, you apply and be given a house and pay like Ksh. 15,000 and be given the house,” MP Mule stated while the crowd was still shouting him down and not listening to his persuasion.

When he wanted to add another point concerning the proposed Finance Bill, some of the people were heard shouting at him to sit down.

“When the president was here you heard him saying that I requested about 2,000 units because the advantage of the housing scheme is that you can get a house in a strategic place since most of the government land is located in prime areas, especially near the town or city center. It will also create employment since materials like doors, and windows will be bought locally from our young people who make them and money will come back to our people,” he added.

The crowd got wild such that he couldn’t continue with his speech. Mule was elected on a Maendeleo Chap chap ticket and associates himself with Kenya Kwanza.

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