Matungulu MP calls out Kenya Kwanza over taxation, vows to shoot down Finance Bill

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule has called out the Kenya Kwanza administration for over-taxation, saying that it is burdening Kenyans who are already struggling with the high cost of living.

Speaking during a press briefing in Tala, Mule said that Azimio La Umoja will not pass the finance bill 2023 in which new tax measures have been proposed by the Government.

“As Members of the Parliament and especially from the Azimio side, we are not going to allow this country to be a den of taxation. Personally, I took a petition to parliament to reduce the VAT on fuel from 16 to 8 percent. Now they want to push that vat from 8 to 16 percent. What are we doing as a country? If Kenya Kwanza doesn’t have any idea of how a government is run, it’s high time they resign and go home,” Mule said.

On the compulsory 3 percent deductions for housing levy, Mule said that it is not clear how that money will be managed and used.

“Who will manage these funds? How will the contributor benefit from the houses which will be built by the Government? You are overtaxing the same employee who is already overtaxed. I want to say this, it is high time Kenyans make a decision, enough is enough for taxation in this country”, Mule added.

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