Sonko seeks justice for Masinga woman allegedly assaulted by police officer

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is seeking justice for a woman from Masinga allegedly assaulted by a police officer.

On his Twitter account, Sonko addressed the OCS Kaewa police station where the incident was reported by the victim, Lucy Nduku.

Sonko said that the pregnant woman was assaulted by an officer identified only as Martin while her three-year-old daughter watched.

According to a report seen the incident happened on 29th May 2023 and was reported under OB number 06/29/5/2023.

Sonko said despite the incident being reported the suspect has never been arrested and the woman is being threatened to withdraw the case and get paid.

“The matter is already reported at your station to vide OB no.06/29/5/2023 and the woman was issued with a P3 form which has duly been filled by a Government doctor but since the suspect is untouchable and well connected no police action has been taken by your station against him instead the woman is being threatened and forced to withdraw the case and get paid, “read his post.

Imeniuma sana coz we are also husbands and fathers we have wives, sisters, and children sitaki fitina ya kuharibia mtu kazi but what the woman wants is justice and not money,” it read further.

He called upon the OCS to take action and ensure the suspect is arrested and charged.

According to pictures posted the woman sustained serious injuries on her head, thighs, and back.

The OB number issued to the woman at Kaewa police station (source- courtesy)

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