MP Mbui: Why I’m Opposed to the 2023 Finance Bill

Kathiani MP Robert Mbui has spoken on why he is opposed to the Finance Bill 2023 saying that the bill is meant to make life hard for Kenyans.

Speaking at Lumbwa Primary in Kathiani Subcounty of Machakos County, Mbui said that the majority of the MPs who would pass the bill are the ones who have been given tokens to agree with the bill.

The National Assembly Minority Whip said that President William Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua lied to Kenyans that they would stabilize the economy but they have made it unbearable for Kenyans

“I do not support that Finance Bill maybe you pass it by force. There are some MPs who spend their time at the State House to get small tokens to pass the bill instead of someone being satisfied with what they have, they are given money to vote in something that is not okay,” said Mbui.

“I want to warn those politicians that are planning to pass that Finance Bill, respect the people who voted for you, and instead of voting Yes vote No so that we can better the lives of Kenyans. What Ruto and Gacahgua promised during the election is the opposite, they lied to Kenyans,” he added.

He went on to say that Kenyans are not interested in the Housing Fund saying that building houses was not going to solve the high cost of living problem in the country.

“How will the housing fund help bring the cost of living down? Does a doctor build or a nurse build? Who told you we want houses, we work in Nairobi and go home to settle in our rural areas,” he said.

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