3 Kaluvu brewers Arrested over Murder of 75-year-old In Kitui

Police officers in Kitui County have arrested three people who have been linked to the death of a 75-year-old man.

The man who hails from Kooi village, Zombe location is said to have gotten lost on 26th December only for his body to be found decomposing in his house yesterday.

A family member of the deceased Pst Bernard Ngui alleged that the deceased was killed by people who make local brew and were stealing his honey. When he went to confront them, they chased him out of their home but later followed him and that’s when he went missing.

“I went to the police after I got reports on the whereabouts of my nephew and after reporting what had happened and how he got lost I got a call that his body had been found decomposing in a bush and rushed to the scene,” Ngui said.

Zombe location chief Dismas Kiita said that the police managed to arrest three people connected to the murder and investigations had been launched noting that the body had decomposed.

“There are people who have been arrested in connection with the murder and have been put into custody to assist in the investigations. The body had been eaten by dogs and it had decomposed so much but investigations will be done to determine what killed him,” said the chief.

His body was taken to Kitui Level 4 hospital morgue for preservation awaiting postmortem.

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