I Don’t Dress Cheap, that suit was from Germany – Wavinya speaks on fashion blunder

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has reacted to last year’s fashion blunder that saw her trend on social media.

During an interview with Citizen TV, the Governor said that she does not dress cheaply and she has good taste when it comes to dressing noting that the suit that got her trolled was from Germany and it was expensive.

the Governor further revealed that she had lost weight and that is why the skirt suit seemed to be baggy at that time. However, she revealed her gratitude to Kenyans who questioned her dress code.

“When you look at me am a good dresser and I also don’t dress cheap. I have not started dressing now when I am the Governor of Machakos. I love good things and I have a taste, that suit is very expensive it’s from Germany only that I lost a bit of weight,” said Wavinya.

“This work has made me lose weight, when you look at the photo from the front it was okay, it’s just the angle from which it was taken. I was even in rubber shoes because I was doing public participation and you can’t go in high heels…ukinukuta huko mashinani utashangaa, unavaa rubber shoes, baika na kitenge na unaingia ground. Depends on where you are going… I went to school in England and English people know how to dress,” she added.

Last year a photo of the Governor wearing a baggy skirt suit went viral and Kenyans likened her dressing to Rigathi Gachagua. Missed the story? check It out below;

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