Murder suspect reveals how he killed his friend and threw him in a toilet in 2017 at Mukaa, remains recovered

The body of a middle-aged man who got lost four years ago has been discovered in a toilet in Iiani, Mukaa.

Mwendwa Michael who got lost in 2017 is said to have been killed by a close friend named Nzimbi Mutungi who worked as a mason. According to neighbors, the deceased’s disappearance was a mystery to the family.

“We thought one day he would come home, we thought maybe he is somewhere working but after three years we lost hope. We got information that there is a man who was killed and thrown in a toilet,” said a neighbor.

The incident came to light after the suspect who is now mentally unstable began revealing what he did.

“After getting the information together with the police we went to the suspect’s home who was arrested together with his mother because it is suspected the two colluded in the incident,” the neighbor went on.

“This is because the toilet where he was buried was not used again but another one was dug meaning the family was aware of what had transpired thus the need for another toilet, they showed where the body is and it was dug up,” he added.

The two are held at Kilome police station awaiting arraignment in court.

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