63-Year-old woman killed by mentally ill son in Makindu

A woman from Makindu in Makueni county has died after being stabbed by her son. Area chief Jackson Kimende confirmed the incident saying that the motive of the murder is still a mystery.

He however said that the suspect had mental issues. The chief observed that the suspect identified as Joseph Kamui attacked his mother at a house she had rented and stabbed her.

The woman was rushed to hospital after the incident but gave up the ghost on arrival.

After committing the act the man attempted to escape but the locals caught up with him.

“He attacked his mother and stabbed her twice in a rented house in Makindu and escaped. The woman died on arrival at the hospital,” said the chief.

“The residents with the help of bodaboda operators were able to catch the man and handed him to the police,”he added.

The suspect was handed over to the police and locked up. The chief said that this is not the first time the suspect was behaving unusual.

“There is a time he called himself a witch doctor and pretended to heal people. Today after killing his mother he said that he had killed a baboon that had troubled him for long,” he said.

The body was transferred to Makindu hospital mortuary as investigations into the incident commence.

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