Why Mbui wants Governor Wavinya to apologize to Kathiani MCA

Kathiani MP Robert Mbui has asked the county leadership to apologise to Upper Kaewa MCA Engineer Vincent Mutie.

Speaking on Monday Mbui said that it was unfair for the MCA to be manhandled while the governor watched and did nothing.

He condemned the incident noting that for everyone to forget the incident the MCA should be offered an apology.

“Because the leaders present knew the MCA was beaten for us to forge forward those leaders must come out and apologize to him and the people of Upper Kaewa.¬† We will not condone violence among our leaders. I had my leg broken in 2017 outside our region do you want me to have my second leg broken at home by fellow leaders?” asked Mbui.

He noted that the lack of unity in the Ukambani region is fueled by contempt by some of the leaders who perceive themselves to be of higher status than others.

“We have been asking how we can unite as a community because we are able but one of our problems is that some of our leaders since time immemorial continue to fight. Even here our MCA was beaten yet he should be respected, It is shameful that he was sent out of a meeting with blows and kicks and he could not fight back because those fighting him were many,” said Mbui.

The MCA in question was chased out of a public participation meeting in his ward when he tried protesting a message being read to the locals purported to have been sent by him.

Apparently, the message was claiming that he would not be attending the governor-led forum.

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