Mbui offers Ruto alternative source of money other than Finance bill

Kathiani MP Robert Mbui has said that the government does not need to over-tax Kenyans to get money for development.

According to Mbui, the Kenya Kwanza government should seal every loophole of corruption and get back all the money acquired in unscrupulous ways.

The bold lawmaker who spoke during an interview at a local TV station said that the country loses millions to corruption every day and overtaxing is not the solution.

Mbui expressed concerns over Government officials wasting money on unnecessary trips and appointments yet the government claims to have no money.

“One of the issues that need to be handled is corruption, the former president Uhuru Kenyatta told us the country losses 2 billion every day to corruption, and no action was taken. The other issue is wastage, look at the kind of vehicles ministers are driving, the number of people recruited as assistant ministers in unconstitutional offices,” said Mbui.

He observed that the information about the Finance bill being given to the Kenyans by the government was contradicting.

“You cannot say one would be able to get back their money after seven years if they don’t want a house, where will you get this money if you have already built houses, let’s say every official says they don’t want houses?” he asked.

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