We will Overthrow Ngilu if she is Re-elected – Kitui East MP warns

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai has vowed to overthrow Governor Ngilu if she is re-elected in 2022. Addressing residents at Zombe, Mbai said that before the people prepare to vote in the next general elections, they should first scrutinize the gubernatorial candidates to chose the best Governor who will give lasting solutions to the people of Kitui.

Mbai blamed the County Government of Kitui for neglecting the people and having misplaced priorities saying, “The problems you see we are encountering today in Kitui and am saying this without fear is electing wrong leaders who don’t even understand what people at the grassroots are facing.”

“Someone who doesn’t know how to fetch water and carry on his or her back, we should not repeat such mistakes. The problems the people of Kitui are encountering can’t be tolerated for another 5 years. Even if the governments are not overthrown by the bullets, this one if it continues this way well overthrow it.” The Kitui East MP added.

Kitui County has been among the counties hit by the drought crisis due to the short rains experienced in the county.

Recent reports by the Kitui County steering group showed that over 122,430 residents in Kitui have been affected by hunger which amounts to 11 percent of the Kitui population. The people most affected by the hunger pangs are Kitui East, Kitui South, Kitui Rural, Mwingi North, and Mwingi Central.

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