We have no wrangles with Governor Malombe- Nzambani MCA

Nzambani MCA Joseph Musyoka has refuted claims that a section of the County Lawmakers have bad blood with Governor Julius Makau Malombe.

Addressing journalists on Tuesday, Musyoka said that the Assembly and the Executive are closely working together for the benefit of Mwananchi.

Musyoka said that the seamless approval of CECMs and Chief officers by the Assembly should be enough evidence that there is no conflict between Malombe and the MCAs.

“There is no truth in such claims and know for sure even if at one time there will be a fight between the Governor and the MCAs just know I will not be in it,” Musyoka.

We will work with the Governor a hundred percent because we want our people to get development, fights won’t take us anywhere,” he said.

Musyoka spoke during a public participation forum in Nzambani Ward on the finance bill.

He noted that the views given will be given to the Governor and then to the County Assembly for debate to ensure they are implemented.

“This will ensure the county is back on track in terms of development and our people can begin reaping from the votes they cast,” he added.

Last week Mutha MCA, Dominic Mwamisi also said they were working on implementing the Governor’s manifesto and had no time fighting the Governor.

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