Governor Malombe: My Promise to Kitui People

Dr. Julius Malombe was sworn in as the Governor of Kitui County on Thursday (25th August) together with his deputy Augustus Wambua Kanani at Ithookwe Showground in Kitui.

In an event attended by Kitui elected leaders, residents, and other dignitaries, Governor Malombe thanked the people of Kitui for electing him again. Malombe said he would work to improve Kitui and bring more development to residents.

In the first 100 days in office, he revealed that he would focus on water provision, health services, and financial scrutinization of pending bills in the county and ensure that ECDE teachers are employed on permanent and pensionable terms.

“I am aware that our people’s expectations are very high; I will carry out a county stock-taking and mapping exercise intended to facilitate an in-depth and clear appreciation of the county’s financial status, including bank balances, human resource status, outstanding staff salaries, inventory of county assets and pending bills and completion of abandoned projects across the county,” Malombe said.

He promised to formulate a county Integrated Development Plan from 2022 to 2027 through consultative public participation that will provide an overall framework for development, ensure that all the hospitals are stocked with necessary drugs and pharmaceuticals, provision of seeds to farmers, and address drought and starvation through partnering with stakeholders such as National Drought Management Authority (NDMA), World Food Programme and well-wishers to distribute food to famine-stricken areas.

On matters water, Governor Malombe said that he would identify where there is a water scarcity and institute short-term remedial measures as he works toward medium-term and long-term interventions. He stated that all the county employees who have not been paid would be paid immediately and he will ensure that all the salaries are not paid later than the 30th every month.

“My administration will ensure that we place our ECDE teachers in the scheme of service for ECDE and transiting them to permanent and pensionable terms, reinstate community health volunteers and upgrade them to community health workers (CHWs) for better actualization of Universal Health Care,” Malombe promised.

Concerning the youth, Governor Malombe revealed that he would initiate a ‘cash-for-work’ program that would involve all the youths to address the issue of unemployment and reinstate cleaners knows towns and market centers. In his first 100 days, he also pointed out that he would rehabilitate street and security lighting, sight, and relocate dumpsites and county slaughterhouses.

The pioneer Governor of Kitui also promised to provide a decent working environment and to allow small businesses to recover from adverse business effects occasioned by Covid-19 by waiving county levies and fees for six months. To address the issues in 100 days, Governor Malombe stated that a supplementary budget framework would be implemented through the cooperation of the county executive and the county assembly.

“I hope I can count on everyone’s goodwill, continued support, and prayers as we collectively reclaim and steer our county to greater heights,’ he concluded.

The swearing ceremony was also attended by Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

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