Former Kitui Governor Malombe Speaks After receiving Direct Ticket from Wiper

Former Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe was issued with Wiper nomination unopposed by the Wiper National Executive Council to fly the Wiper flag in Kitui Gubernatorial race.

Speaking after being issued a certificate to show that he qualified for the nomination unopposed, Malombe broke his silence after a battle for the Wiper ticket with Former Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo.

Malombe thanked the Wiper family led by Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka for seeing potential in him and promised to deliver the Kitui seat to the people of Kitui and the party.

“I want to guarantee Wiper Party that one seat that they can take in Ukambani is that of Governor Kitui County 2022. In various polls that were done, including scientific polls, as seen in Kitui, I have led in all the polls and with huge margins,” he stated.

Malombe added that even other parties like the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party carried polls in Kitui. He was the leading candidate, and he exuded confidence that the same would be reflected after the August polls, where he would win with a considerable margin.

The former Kitui boss promised to work together with other Wiper Leaders in Kitui to ensure that he continues with the work that the incumbent has “abandoned.”

“I will not take anything for granted together with those from my county who will be given the Wiper tickets in various positions and the people of Kitui.”Malombe added.

Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka confirmed that the party made a lot of efforts to ensure that they got the best candidate to fly the Kitui Gubernatorial ticket.

“The clergy gave me the recommendation to go and take to the Wiper NEC, and the decision was the Kitui ticket to be given to Julius Malombe and at the NEC actually they were clapping unanimously on the decision,” the Wiper leader said.

Kalonzo also confirmed that he held a lengthy meeting with Ambassador Kiema and that he (Kalonzo) is happy to present Malombe to the people of Kitui to run on Wiper Ticket and is confident that he will deliver the seat.

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