Governor Mutua’s last message as curtains draw on his tenure

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua bid farewell to Machakos residents as curtains drew on his 10-year-tenure that commenced in 2013.

On his last day in office, Mutua held a cabinet meeting that saw him approve Machakos county public transport sexual harassment and gender-based violence policy. He took the opportunity to thank his Cabinet for working with him.

“I held my last cabinet meeting as a governor today at the Machakos White House…I thanked my ministers for their exemplary service and support during my term as governor and I urged them to support the incoming government and continue to serve the great people of Machakos. Mbele Iko Sawa!” Mutua said.

“I thank the people of Kenya and those of Machakos for giving me an opportunity to serve as governor for 2 terms. I also thank God for enabling me to be the best governor in Kenya but even more so in the continent of Africa for that special recognition all in the service of wananchi, that is why we are here to say Thank you very much, God bless you.” Mutua added.

Below are some reactions to the farewell message.

Muuo Josphat said, “We will miss you as the governor who gave us study leaves unconditionally, you encouraged career progression though none is perfect you had your shortcomings. Enjoy your life.”

Mutharimi Lydon said, ” Source some finances and try to foot some of the pending bills, 2.80 Billion is way too big to remain unsorted. In so doing people of Machakos, especially civil servants will let you go in peace.”

Prof. Musau said,”Kavaluku mweene. At least we can breathe as people of Machakos County.”

Eng. PM David said, “Thank you Governor our Ukambani Kingpin for making Machakos a recognized County all over the World, Now that you are a powerful man in the Kenya Kwanza, please don’t forget the problems Ukambani people are facing!”

Mathew Nzuki said, ” Best governor are you kidding me ? You are the Worst bro rest! There’s a difference between paperwork and work! Shame.”

Nyungu ya mawe said, ” Thank you Gov Mutua. You have left Machakos much better off than you found it. The challenge for the incoming Gov. is to maintain and build on this success. We wish them well.”

Florence Munene said, “We shall miss you, Sir, hoping you still serve at another capacity in this our beautiful Kenya.”

“Where is the F1 track that you promised us in 2013?” Wekesa questioned.

“Best governor to yourself, Machakos people know and feel the mess of a county you have left …Drama king.” Collete Ndunge added.

What is your reaction to Governor Mutua’s tenure? Let us know in the comment session below.

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