Kitui Teachers speak on why they endorsed Malombe for Kitui Governor

On Saturday (6th August) – the last day of political campaigns across the country, Teachers’ leadership drawn from Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), Kitui Teachers Sacco, Mwalimu Sacco, KUPPET, and KEPSHA endorsed Former Kitui Governor Julius Malombe to take over as the next Governor of Kitui.

Led by KNUT Executive Secretary of Kitui who is also Vice-Chairman in the Eastern Region, Simon Mutunga Nding’o, they revealed that they chose to support Malombe because during his tenure he was a key player in ensuring that he improved the level of education in Kitui.

The teachers leadership pointed out they followed the voice of their fellow teachers and also a majority of the parents who have been calling teachers to support Malombe because of his interest in improving education in Kitui County.

“Malombe delivered a lot in terms of the education sector. The current regime has not supported education in any way. Through his ‘Kisomo Nokyo’ initiative, he advocated that in every household there should be a degree or learned people equipped with skills and gave education priority in his manifesto. When we have better education and we educate our community, the other things will improve and we request Malombe to employ ECDE teachers on a permanent and pensionable basis to motivate them because they have been neglected for a long,” Nding’o said.

Kioko Mutia KUPPET Secretary called upon all the Kitui residents to support Malombe to restore the lost glory of Education because it is only education that will drive away poverty in Kitui. Kioko said that they followed the voice of the people to unanimously decide to endorse Malombe’s candidature.

“Malombe promised us that he won’t support ECDE education only but also all sectors to tertiary level and will ensure that the mentorship program that he used to organize in secondary schools is revived,” Kioko added.

Malombe promised to revive the education sector once he is voted as Kitui Governor and acknowledged the teachers as influential people in the community from who he will be getting ideas and advice.

“I will ensure that the ECDE teachers will be included in the county schemes of service, and make them permanent and pensionable, during my term I will build more ECDE classes and increase the pro-poor bursary fund to help the education system in Kitui. I will continue empowering all the learners in Kitui through my ‘Kisomo Nokyo’ initiative to ensure that the community has learned people just like other developed counties,” Malombe stated.

Drumming up support for Azimio One Kenya coalition presidential candidate Raila Odinga, Malombe called upon Kitui residents as they vote for him as the Kitui Governor to also vote for Raila so that he lobbies for more resources from the national government to improve the education in Kitui.

Kitui Teachers Leaders who endorsed Malombe’s candidature at his Ithiani home in Kitui Central.

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