Wavinya Ndeti’s running mate speaks for the first time after being picked

Former Yatta Legislator Francis Mwangangi who is also Wavinya Ndeti’s running mate has broken his silence and spoke for the first time after being picked.

Addressing the media at a Machakos hotel, Mwangangi said that there is a need for the Kamba Community to unite, stand strong and support one of their own Kalonzo Musyoka. He took a swipe at some leaders he accused of misusing public resources.

“This community must be respected. Our respect will be gotten through our votes when we vote for one candidate, especially in the counties of Makueni, Machakos, and Kitui.” Mwangangi said.

“We don’t want to be asked where Kalonzo is. He already spoke on Monday at SKM Command center, Nairobi. We unveiled our candidate and his running mate and that’s the stand for now. If anything changes the party leader shall communicate. Those leaders, and we know what they have done in the counties, especially theft. Let not use that money to confuse our people ” He went on.

On the Machakos Gubernatorial Race, Mwangangi who is Wavinya Ndeti running mate noted that they are confident that they will win the seat with a big margin.

“My combination with Wavinya is the best. We have been on the ground and we are coming to you in a major way. This is the only winning team. The only change that you can believe.” Mwangangi added.

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