Wavinya unveils pack of goodies for Machakos Muslim community if elected

Machakos Wiper Gubernatorial Candidate Wavinya Ndeti has unveiled a pack of goodies for Machakos Muslim community if she is elected Governor in August. She noted that the community had been sidelined by the current regime in the county.

“It shall never be the same again. You must feel at home when i get to power. I will make sure that you’re comfortable. My government will consider you. I understand that most of you have land in Machakos County but with no title deeds. I will make sure that you all get those title deeds. “Wavinya promised.

On Women empowerment, Wavinya said that she will make sure that they secure jobs in the County Government and also provide funds for their Organized groups.

Within her first 100 days in office, she promised that all Machakos County hospitals will be fully functional, maintained and equipped with what’s lacking.

“As you can all see our people are suffering in our Machakos hospitals. No gloves, no medicines, and no salaries for workers. In short, it’s pathetic. The situation is getting worse. It’s a matter of humanity and minding about our people. Machakos will never experience such level of inhumanity. I am coming to rescue Machakos.”She went on.

The Muslim Community promised to stand with her to help her win saying that after their careful consultation, they noticed that Wavinya is the best to change Machakos.

“If we want change in Machakos, it is Wavinya. If we want to live well in Machakos, it is Wavinya. If we want better lives in Machakos, it is Wavinya. If we want to work in Machakos County government, it is only through Wavinya. Machakos will change but only through Wavinya “they said.

Sheikh Ali of Machakos Jamia Mosque said that for the past few years, the Machakos Muslim community has been sidelined asking Wavinya never to forget them when she gets power.

“We are always neglected. It’s like we are not in Machakos. Just assure us that you will have good plans for us and we are going to stand with you until we win this battle together.”Sheikh Ali pointed out.

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